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  • GC Hawk and GC3 simulators

  • state-of-the-art imaging technology

  • true to life game experience

  • capture shots from every stick in the bag

  • industry's largest library of world-class courses

  • amazing 4K resolution


30 minutes - $30 +tax

  • Up to 4 players per simulator

  • Standard play time is 30 minutes per player for 9 holes and 1 hour per player for 18 holes. 


  • adjustable green speed and firmness

  • customize real-time weather conditions

  • Play up to four players

  • variety of game options including stroke play, match play, and scramble.


  • simulated driving range

  • learn your ball launch data

  • club data to measure your club head speed, smash factor, angle of attack, club path, loft at impact and lie & face angle at impact.

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