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3 bays for your golfing pleasure

We utilize GC Hawk and GC3 simulators to take your practice session to the next level. Our simulators use state-of-the-art imaging technology to give you a true to life game experience. From driver to putter, they capture shots from every stick in the bag. Need more? Our software holds the industry's largest library of world-class courses in amazing 4K resolution.


Utilize the simulated driving range to learn your ball launch data, including shot data, illustrated shot shape, distance, and dispersion. Take advantage of club data to measure your club head speed, smash factor, angle of attack, club path, loft at impact and lie & face angle at impact.


With player options, course selection including adjustable green speed and firmness, and features to customize or select real-time weather conditions, you have nearly endless options. Play up to four players in a variety of game options including stroke play, match play, and scramble.

Utilize any simulator feature to work on your game or play with up to 3 friends. Book your simulator time in 30 minute increments  


30 minutes - $30 +tax

*Up to 4 players per simulator

*Standard play time is 30 minutes per player for 9 holes

and 1 hour per player for 18 holes. 

*Use of Auto Putt will decrease time required to play

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