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Learn from PGA Coaches


During a one-on-one lesson, our coaches can help you identify and begin to correct swing faults so you can start hitting better shots. We will utilize tour level club and golf ball data from our foresight sports simulators as well as video analysis to help you meet your swing goals.

Director of Instruction, Chris Koch, PGA

45 minutes - $110

Junior 30 min. - $60

PGA Associate, Gavin Sutherland

45 minutes - $85

Junior 30 min. - $50

Wanting to dive deeper into your game we suggest looking at one of our coaching packages!


  • PGA Golf Coaches

  • Personalized lesson plans

  • Tour level Technology

  • Video Analysis with V1 Sports

  • Understand exactly what your club is doing at impact with club data including​​

    • Angle of Attack​

    • Club Path

    • Face Angle 

    • Impact location on clubface

  • See shot results immediately​

  • Learn feel vs. real 

  • Walk away with a plan to keep improving


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