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What is a Playing Lesson?

A playing lesson is on course coaching from your PGA Professional. On course coaching is NOT swing focused, instead it focuses on how you play and manage your way around a golf course. You are coached in choosing the appropriate shot, picking the correct club and how to hit the variety of different shots that can pop up during a round of golf. On course coaching dives into scoring and how you can avoid big numbers and put yourself in a better position to play well.  

Does my coach play with me?

In most cases Yes, however your coach is there to focus on you. That means they may pick up their ball from time to time to help with pace of play or may move their ball to play along side you and show you how to hit a specific shot.


​In addition to the benefits of an individual lesson, on course coaching 

  • Focuses on scoring

  • Covers situational golf

  • Shows how to manage a round of golf

  • Analyzes where you are losing strokes

  • develops confidence 


9 Holes
Individual -$200
2 players - $125 each
3 players - $100 each

18 Holes
Individual - $400
2 players - $250 each

3 players $200 each

Pricing does not include applicable greens fees due at course

Scheduling and golf course selection will be arranged between student(s) and coach


Call or Text us to schedule 

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