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The days of making your swing adjust to the clubs you have is over. Let us help you find and custom order clubs that work with your individual swing. Using the same top technology as many of the Tour Pros, we can make sure your new clubs are performing as they should and helping your game to the fullest. 



1 Hour Session - $100
Covers one element (Irons, Woods, Wedges, etc)


Club/Yardage Gapping - $125

Use club analysis software to find how far you hit each of your current clubs and see where additional clubs may be needed (up to 1.5 hrs)

Full Bag Fitting - $175

Get fit for a full set of new clubs including woods, irons, and wedges (up to 2 hrs)

Check Back for information our special FREE TaylorMade Fitting events!


Iron and Wedge Loft & Lie Check - $2 per club
Our PGA Professionals will check the current spec of your irons and wedges for both loft and lie angle. 


Iron and Wedge Loft & Lie Check and Adjustment - $5 per club

In addition to checking the current loft and lie angle of your club our PGA Professionals will adjust your club to the correct specification. 

**adjustments are not able to be made on all wedges or irons due to the type of metal and the risk of cracking vs bending.

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