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Choosing a coaching package is an investment in your development as a golfer. Our PGA Coaches are here to oversee your development and guide you on a path to achieving your goals, shooting lower scores and having more fun! 

                                Let's get to work!

1 on 1 coaching

Chris Koch, PGA

Five Sessions - $450

Ten Sessions - $850

Twenty Sessions - $1600

One Year of Sessions - $3,250*

Gavin Sutherland, PGA Associate
Sessions - $350
Sessions - $650

Player Improvement

(1) 45 minute coaching session
(2) 30 minute practice sessions


$160 value

player improvement level 2

(1) 30 minute putting evaluation
(1) 45 minute Full Swing Session
(1) Online video swing analysis
(3) 30 minute practice sessions


$290 value

ONE Month

Package includes: 
One on One Coaching
Video Swing Analysis & Sharing
Equipment Evaluation
Guided Sim Course Play

Schedule as often as (1) Session per day (based on availability)




​In addition to the benefits of an individual lesson, coaching packages help you​

  • Identify long term development goals

  • Track improvements from session to session

  • Hear a consistent voice

  • Gain confidence in your skills and game

  • Save Money!

All Lessons are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted and are subject to availability

*Max one 45 min. lesson per day

All series/packages must be completed within 12 months from the date of purchase 

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